William Arntz
Founder, Funder

William Arntz started his professional career as a research laser physicist, working on “Star Wars” high energy lasers. He then moved on to software, writing “AutoSys”–an automated job control system currently in use by most Fortune 500 companies. He sold that company, retired, but then decided to make a film: creating, producing and directing What the BLEEP Do We Know!?, an exploration of spirituality, quantum physics, neurology and outrageous possibilities. The film and the companion book, with editions in over twenty languages, were international hits. William and his wife, mystic visionary Deirdre Hade, have collaborated on the new coffee table art book The (not so) Little Book of Surprises. As The Mystic and the Physicist, they are touring the country speaking on the power of surprise as an undiscovered key to awakening in this, the Age of Surprise. With the release of his new book How to Suffer: in ten easy steps, William has entered the self-help world with a book for people who don’t like self-help books, and really don’t like suffering.