What Is This Book?


The big trouble is How to Suffer doesn’t really fit neatly into a pre-existing box. Is it self-help? Not really – it makes fun of self-help and the notion that real transformation is Easy, formulaic and trouble free. I know a lot of people who practice the “law of attraction” and inviting abundance and don’t have a pot to piss in. Any yet it does help the self gain a new perspective on that most common of human conditions: suffering.

Is it a serious work on this condition? Yes and no. The concepts and perspectives are serious. The delivery and satire are humorous. It is an enjoyable read about a very un-enjoyable subject, which is the nature of irony. And yet somehow hopeful: there are ways, methods and attitudes that change our suffering state for the better. There are even instructions on creating your very own Sufferometer as a way to log How You Suffer. OK – that does sound a bit silly, and it is, and guess what – it works!

Beneath all the insights, ironies and philosophies on the subject there is precise analysis and logic to the whole escapade. I wrote the original computer wave optics model for high energy lasers that evolved into the “Star Wars” initiative and created software for 2 successful software companies and went on to make the international hit What the BLEEP Do We Know!?  So don’t be fooled by the tom-foolery that appears from time to time. There is a method to such madness. Physiologically everyone learns better after a good laugh – its called neuroplasticity.

So where does this book fit? What bookshelf will the store owner place it? As it says on the back cover:

“File under Self-Hurt. If no Self-Hurt file under Pop Pseudo Science, if no Pop Pseudo Science file under World Religions.”

And it actually could go on all three.