Book Intro - How to Suffer: in 10 easy steps

Author William Arntz talks about his new book on Suffering. Part satire (I mean who needs help on suffering), part review of the approaches to deal with Suffering, and part bringing to light that which is darkly hidden.

"Professor" Arntz posits a theory: If Everyone got everything they wanted...

What if ALL your wishes and desires were to come to you. Easy like, no fuss, no muss. Wouldn’t life be about as great as it could be? How could you EVER suffer?

Cigar Box Blues - How to Suffer: in ten easy steps

A short description of William Arntz’s new book: How to Suffer: in 10 easy steps. Book ended by Will playing a dog bowl resonator Cigar Box guitar.

The Pseudo Science of Suffering

Is there a science of suffering? Can it be quantified, analyzed and transformed? Since everyone does it, why isn’t there a Ph.D. program to get a doctorate in Suffering?

Short Biography of Author William Arntz

Physicist, Software Creator, Filmmaker and Author, William Arntz talks about his road to success, and how that has not protected him from Suffering…

A Roast of Self-Help Books

“How To” this “how to” that. There’s a self help book that’ll get you whatever, whoever you want. Easy-like. Just follow the simple steps like a recipe for making Christmas cookies, and you’ll get it all. Sounds too good to be true. And guess what – it isn’t. But Lord does it give one an opportunity to poke some good natured fun at the whole Self-Help genre.