The Mystic and the Physicist

De and Will on bench

Deirdre Hade and William Arntz

Exploring the interaction, inter-relationship and overlap of these two branches of human inquiry, Deirdre Hade and William Arntz have created a 2 person performance piece and video series that looks at topics such as Karma, the Reality of Magic, and the Power of Intention from the point of view of the Mystic and from the p.o.v. of the Physicist.

Having performed at the Transformation Leadership Counsel, Deepak Chopra’s home base – ABC Carpet in NYC and Unity Churches in Tampa, Sacramento and Burbank, and soon at the SAND (Science and Non-duality) Conference, the Mystic and Physicist shows both the compatibility and the clash between these two mindsets. And sometimes between the 2 personalities in a humorous portrayal of 2 world views.

A series of 9 videos on YouTube have been created and can be viewed here.