Chapter 4 Excerpt: Blame God


(excerpt from Chapter 4: How to Suffer: in 10 easy steps…)

Okay, you’re suffering! Some drunk just ran their car into the cottonwood tree in your front yard, bringing the unfortunate tree crashing down on your house, destroying your just-completed, five-year remodeling project in 30 seconds.

Pissed and confused, you shout, “Why did this happen to me?!” at the night sky. The next step is as natural as breathing. You blame God. Why not!? She/He/It supposedly created everything and knows everything. So, whatever you’re suffering about, She/He/It created the situation, or at least knew about it and didn’t do a damn thing to intervene. So bring on the blame.

God is partial to those who suffer greatly. Remember Job in the Old Testament? And of course Jesus—favored son—suffering horribly on the cross.

But why do bad things happen to good people? (Conversely, why do good things happen to creeps!?) It doesn’t seem fair. And besides, it flies in the face of other religious teachings, such as:

“You reap what you sow.”
“Yeah? I sowed after work every night for five years to give my wife a beautiful home. Why did that tree fall over and total my house!?!? I never created that!”

Which leads us to a more Eastern religious explanation.

“It’s all Karma.”
Try telling that to the folks digging up the remains of their families after a hurricane—like the whole town had a big chunk of bad karma coming their way from the past …

Of course, it can (and often is) argued that the above statements are just generalized conceptualizations of compartmentalized understandings of fundamental emanations of  basic laws within a multi-layered universe of interrelated causal dependencies.