William Arntz

The FBI couldn’t figure out William Arntz either. Sure he had gotten all A’s (& 1 B) in college, and just written a break thru computer simulator for high energy Laser weapons (aka Star Wars), but nothing fit. They wanted to grant him a Secret Clearance for advanced weapons research, but couldn’t place his aspirations to make movies, be a hippy, and ignore his bosses, within the mold of a research physicist.

Didn’t matter – he quit, dropped out and hit the road. Retired. After a few years of driving around and sleeping in a tent he moved to Boston to make a movie with his old childhood friend. To finance it he became a medical systems programmer and worked 80 hours a week programming and movie making. The result was a 60 minute 16-mm movie entitled Beat the Deva, which combined a story, animation and documentary footage. The film had some commercial success, winning a few film festivals and playing in art houses. In San Francisco it was the weekend midnight movie for over a year.

Following that burnout he didn’t do much for a year or so, and then found his first spiritual teacher. That teacher threw him (&the other students) back into society as computer consultants and eventually software entrepreneurs. For Arntz this resulted in his creation – AutoSys – a network wide event management system that has generated over $2 billion in revenues. With no startup money and no business experience he somehow bootstrapped the company into profitability and 2½  years after starting sold the goose that laid the golden egg.

The money William got for AutoSys was a pittance compared to what it was worth, but still got enough payola to retire (yet again) to watch the grass grow and become enlightened. The grass grew but with enlightenment still alluding him he found his next teacher. That association and his software proceeds eventually yielded his first real movie – What the BLEEP Do We Know!? – which became the posture child for the emerging Spiritual Cinema. In the midst of its heady success he was approached by the publisher HCI to write a companion book. Deep into editing the extended version of the film: What the BLEEP: Down the Rabbit Hole he at first declined. But with a hefty advance and assurances of stellar ghost writing he agreed.

Six weeks before it was due he succumbed to his co-producer’s pleading and read the first chapters. In horror he read the copy, written in authentic “self-help” style, and halted film editing and in the remaining weeks wrote the entire book. Published originally in 4 color hardback, then paperback, then republished in 25 languages, the book continues to sell around the world.

Having fulfilled all his dreams in science, finance, writing and film, Arntz went back to the grass (growing), but in a conversation with the Universe (aka GOD) stated that he would be happy to do something to help people, but it would have to be “an offer he couldn’t refuse”. Shortly thereafter E. Raymond Brown appeared with a very rough prototype of the film GhettoPhysics. The humor, outrageousness and insights contained in the piece coinciding with his troublemaker streak, resulting in a collaboration that could not be refused.

That finished, retirement and enlightenment beckoned again. An old hand by now in retirement and enlightenment alluding him he went to a retreat where he met his future wife, Deirdre Hade. A few years later, in a move that surprised both of them, they finally kissed and within a month were engaged. The plan for more watching the grass grow veered off course when a friend suggested a book of Deirdre’s poems and quotes from her teachings, with some visual images.

Ruminating about it the next day he came up with The Little Book of Surprises. The Little Book became the (not so) Little Book when a prototype was printed and it was quickly realized by everyone that the format had to be large to do justice to the words and pictures. In three months the book was finished and off to the printer.

And now, just like BLEEP days, its marketing and interviews and Q and A’s. He’s assuming the grass keeps growing, even though he’s not there to watch it.

Deirdre Hade

Deirdre Hade is a Modern Day Mystic. A spiritual adept since childhood she has spent her life communicating with the unseen.  At sixteen her mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, it was at this time that Deirdre discovered the healing powers of light enabling her mother to live thirteen years longer than expected. As a member of the Transformational Leadership Council her wisdom has been cited, in Marci Shimoff’s Love for No Reason. Her work is taught by Jack Canfield, America’ s Success Coach. Ms. Hade founded Radiance Healing and Meditation in 2007 as a system of mindfulness for our modern time, reaching thousands globally with her Radiance Pure Energy program. Years of deep study into the spiritual traditions combined with a direct perception of what those traditions were alluding to has given her the rare ability to imbue her written worlds with the wisdom of the ages: past, present, and future.